Restaurant review: Giraffe (UK)

As someone with an intolerance to cow’s milk and egg, it’s an obstacle eating out, as restaurants don’t seem very accommodating to those of us who have intolerances/allergies. Yesterday I went to check out the allergy friendly restaurant Giraffe (Kensington, London, UK). Giraffe is a sit down service chain of restaurants recreating dishes from around the world. You can’t make special orders for their dishes but Giraffe provided me with an allergen table (this can also be seen on their website), to assist with helping me choose what I can eat. Here’s what I ordered to suit my requirements…

My choice of drink was Ginger Blast. This is a refreshing, light smoothie, I just wish it came in a bigger glass!

Ginger Blast
Ginger Blast – fresh ginger, pineapple, red apple, elderflower cordial, banana £3.85















For my starter I chose Orange BBQ Duck Tostada. There were four starters available to me that suited my dietary needs. Seeming a little “thrown together” with the radish (which there was too much of), cucumber, lettuce and watercress, it nevertheless worked. The duck was tender and cooked through which I think is the perfect balance for anyone who’s fussy about how well-done they like their meat cooked.

image (8)
Orange BBQ Duck Tostada – crisp corn tortilla topped with sticky orange pepper BBQ duck, shredded salad & fresh red chilli £5.95















With nine main dishes available to me, I ordered the Miso & Lime Grilled Salmon. The salmon was cooked nicely, succulent on the inside and crispy on the outside. When I was coming to the end of my dish, although it was filling, I was growing tired of eating it because of the over-generous amount of pak choi, which made it overpowering, and the excessive sickly teriyaki sauce. Unfortunately, there was a small pool of water from the rice at the bottom.

image (5)
Miso & Lime Grilled Salmon – wasabi fried rice, teriyaki greens & fresh lime with sesame crunch £13.95















Sorbet was the only dessert option available to me, so I settled for coffee instead. I was delighted that they do soya milk – this should be a staple in any restaurant. For someone who has a dairy and/or egg allergy/intolerance, dessert menus are the biggest problem with eating out. There seems to be a tendency for sorbet, which is the easy and lazy choice for restaurants to cater for. It seems like restaurants aren’t keeping up with the demands of a modern world that’s seeing an ever increasing rise of people with allergies. Ever heard a vegetarian moan about veggie burgers being the only option for the main course? Well, this sorbet trend is the dessert equivalent to that.

image (1)
Soya Capp – soya milk cappuccino £2.35/£2.60















The service was fast without feeling rushed. The staff were genuinely friendly and helpful. I got offered water, which in my opinion should be standard with visiting any restaurant. It wasn’t too crammed with people nor tables.

I expected the atmosphere to be more lively but found it to be relaxing with music playing subtly in the background. However, I did go on a late Tuesday afternoon.

Overall I think it’s good value for money and I will definitely visit again.



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